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How to use the Advertising Boost vacation giveaway program to grow your business

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How to use the Advertising Boost vacation giveaway program to grow your business

This 8/15/18 AWS training covers how to use the Advertising Boost vacation giveaway program to grow your business. Signup link:

Here is a timeline to help you locate specific topics that are covered in this training. The time line is in the format of hour:minutes:seconds into the video from the beginning. It is based on the timeline when viewing the video in Youtube. There you can see the times on the bottom of the video.

00:02:40 What you will learn on this training – giving away vacation incentives and what it can do for your business.
00:05:50 Don’t raise your prices – but increase your value with sales incentives through Advertising Boost’s incentives.
00:08:00 Results the Advertising Boost incentive giveaway members are getting.
00:09:15 More people will see your products because of the giveaway.

00:11:15 Join Advertising Boost now and receive the Ultimate Facebook Secrets course free. Sign up at:

00:13:00 Plus get a free video ad produced for your industry or your customer’s industry.
00:14:20 What you’ll get when you signup for the Advertising Boost vacation giveaway incentive program.
00:15:15 Where to find the Advertising Boost vacation giveaway incentive program link on the AWS dashboard and the demo of their website itself.
00:18:45 Examples of the various vacation destinations available and what happens when you signup.
00:20:10 Demo of how to generate the incentive and give it away to your clients.
00:20:50 More about the free Advertising Boost Facebook training that you get free for signing up.
00:21:25 As a member of Advertising Boost you get everything you need to market the incentive.
00:24:25 Use this to capture leads and build a list and retarget to that list.
00:26:30 Examples of the videos for specific business niches that you can use for your clients to attract customers to their business – free when you join.
00:29:50 The provide the Ultimate Marketing Systems – step-by-step training showing how to build your funnel.
00:31:00 Examples of splash pages they provide for you free when you join.
00:32:45 Use it to book appointments.
00:34:05 Show your clients how to use the incentives with their SMS marketing.

00:35:20 Sign up now! Where to go to sign up:

00:36:40 Review of everything you get when you sign up.
00:39:25 Q and A: Can you use the Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram marketing training to market your own business? Yes
00:41:05 Q and A: Is this a timeshare? Do my customers have to go to a timeshare presentation? No.
00:41:55 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Summary: In this video you learned everything you need to know about how to increase your business by using Advertising Boosts vacation giveaway incentive program and how to sign up. Signup link is below in Actionable Items.

Actionable Items:
Advertising Boost signup link:

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