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How To Write Meeting Minutes In English

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How To Write Meeting Minutes In English

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In this short lesson, you’ll learn the most common vocabulary and phrases used to write meeting minutes in English. You’ll also get lots of useful tips and a link to a free template.

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The vocabulary and phrases in this lesson:

Verbs for describing discussions:
mention, tell, propose, recommend, express concern about, explain, suggest, discuss, present, point out, agree, promise, request, emphasise, complain, ask, remind, report, summarise

Example sentences (use the past tense):
• TS pointed out that competition was getting tougher and requested an increase in the marketing budget.
• PW presented last month’s figures and underlined the importance of having a motivated sales team.
• HW explained the reasons for the increase in customer complaints.
• BN asked for more details about the new production line.
• RF expressed concern about the reliability of our new supplier.
• GD recommended hiring an external consultant to support us in the upcoming CRM project.
• WL complained about the lack of communication within the IT department.
• TR reminded us about the necessity of increasing our social media presence.

Examples of key decisions made (use the past simple passive – was/were + past participle)

• A vote was taken and the proposal was approved by 3 to 1.
• It was decided that the marketing budget will be increased by 10%.
• It was agreed that the current supplier screening policy needs to be reviewed.
• The budget for 2021 was finalised (please see attached document).
• The guidelines for the new recruitment drive were defined (see attachment).
• Alex Henders was selected to lead the ERP project.

Verbs for writing action items/points:
organise, contact, arrange, find out, review, update, create, draw up, order, reserve, send, identify, finalise, check, define

Examples of action items/points (start with a verb in the infinitive):
• Review current supplier screening policy
• Draw up guidelines for using the new software
• Contact Ben Walters and ask for a better price
• Update website with new branding
• Order 10 new printers
• Find out when Dencore are launching their new model
• Reserve conference room at ITB Trade Show

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