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I Scalped MY Lawn RECOVERY | Carbon X Application

by admin
I Scalped MY Lawn RECOVERY | Carbon X Application

Scalped Lawn RECOVERY | Carbon X Application a few weeks back, I scalped my lawn to let it breathe and when I did I heard a lot of NAY sayers, letting me know how badly I messed up… well today I drop the after video, of scalped lawn recovery and a super boost of a carbon earth Carbon X Application! That GREEN Tho…. all I can say, even B4 the Carbon X application.
Have you scalped you lawn? Are you worried about it? If so, watch this video:
I Scalped My Lawn | Will Scalped Grass Grow Back | Is It Good To Scalp Your Lawn

Follow the apps in there, feed it some fertilizer and keep it moist.

If you want to talk, have questions or comments, reach out to me @ JeremyofTheGreenerLawn@gmail.com or feel free to DM me on Instagram @TheGreenerLawn.

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