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Ignore Detractors; Don’t Doubt Your Results with Elie Robinson – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 171

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Ignore Detractors; Don’t Doubt Your Results with Elie Robinson – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 171

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Elie Robinson is the CEO and founder of Under 5’10, a brand that makes clothing for shorter men.

His background is in financial operations, and spent over 15 years in the telecommunications & Ecommerce.

But like millions of other men in America, he was fed up with clothing manufacturers neglecting to make clothes tailored for shorter men.

He founded Under 5’10 in 2017 and has enabled short guys around the world find a place where they can buy perfectly fitting jeans, joggers, shirts, and more made just for them.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:00] Intro
[01:07] What does Under 5’10 offer
[02:02] The origin and tackling the shorter guys’ needs
[03:02] How Elie came up with the idea
[04:08] Under 5’10’s go-to-market strategy
[06:26] Crowdfunding as proof of concept
[07:02] Kickstarter success helped transition to Ecom
[08:20] Setting up the D2C in Shopify
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[10:05] Sponsor: Mesa a
[10:49] Sponsor: Gorgias t
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[14:43] Believe in the results that you made
[15:52] Where Elie got his boost of confidence
[16:39] Learning from others and teaching to others
[17:53] Under 5’10’s biggest challenge
[20:27] Why Elie is insistent on staying D2C
[25:09] Elie’s SEO advice: Create content
[25:53] You can’t scale without content creation
[28:06] Balancing validation and reality
[29:38] Just doing it better can be a basis for a business
[31:49] Where to find Under 5’10

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