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Inquiries Management | AscendixRE CRM

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Inquiries Management | AscendixRE CRM

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Watch this video to learn how to manage Lease and Sales Inquiries with AscendixRE CRM.

We create Inquiries to track and manage unqualified indications of interest or what might be more commonly referred to as Leads, but with commercial real estate specificity.

0:20 To create a new Inquiry, click the new button and choose between a Lease or a Sale Inquiry.
0:34 Capture the pertinent details regarding this inquiry for future reference and reporting. We are only interested in tracking high level information for these unqualified leads at this time.
1:16 Once you’ve created the Inquiry record, you can track Appointments and Tasks as you mature the relationship.
1:34 Once the Inquiry has reached maturity and is qualified, click the Convert Inquiry button to create a new account and contact record while also preserving the preference information.
1:58 Now you can see the newly created account, contact and preference records. Click on the hyperlink and it takes you to the account record.
2:14 From here you can see the account record and the related contact and preference record.

The Inquiry record is a unique record type within AscendixRE for Salesforce. See how Inquiry records come in handy when talking with prospects who aren’t quite ready to become a full Contact or Account.

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