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Inside the First Year of a SaaS Startup 🧐 | Podcast for B2B SaaS Founders | The SaaS Revolution Show

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Inside the First Year of a SaaS Startup 🧐 | Podcast for B2B SaaS Founders | The SaaS Revolution Show


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This episode’s guest is – Armando Biondi, Co-Founder & CEO, Breadcrumbs. Armando shares his journey as a serial entrepreneur over 10 years and his investment in 200+ businesses.

Some key highlights from the conversation that helps SaaS Founders to scale their business

✅ Why did Armando decide to go with the Y combinator for breadcrumbs?
✅ How he made the decision to sell his last SaaS startup, AdEspresso, which was acquired by HootSuite, and how this impacted his life
✅ The ins and outs, highs and lows, of starting and running a successful SaaS business and more
Lovely conversation where we talk about
0:00 Introduction
1:10 Who is Armando Biondi
2:40 Why you decide to sell your startup Adespresso to Hootsuite
5:08 You’re back on the CEO/Co-Founder hot seat. Why go again?
6:05 What’s the founding story of Breadcrumbs
8:42 Why did you go to Y combinator?
12:07 Can you share some Insights/data on the business so far?
14:25 What have you been focused on for the last year?
16:34 What lessons have you learned in the past that has been worked and not worked?
18:30 What is the focus for 2022?
20:11 What are the biggest lessons you have learned?
25:40 What’s the biggest challenge being a CEO?
27:32 Most rewarding/enjoyable thing about being a CEO?
28:10 How do you improve yourself as CEO?
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