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Interview with Ty Duran From MarketPlan.io (SaaS Tool) | PitchGround

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Interview with Ty Duran From MarketPlan.io (SaaS Tool)  | PitchGround

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In this very first exclusive episode of PitchGround, I want to introduce you to Ty Duran, the Founder & CEO of MarketPlan.io SaaS Tool, a beautiful app that can help you transform your ideas into a reality by helping you visualize design your funnels.

Most people fail to proper design and track their funnels and the key to success is building that right funnel.

But more important, finding the software that makes this process.

Introducing MarketPlan.io, a beautifully designed app that lets you design your funnel, chat your team members, track your traffic and conversions and finally gives you the ability to invite your client to see the marketing funnel visually.

MarketPlan.io is currently available on a yearly deal at $99 exclusively on PitchGround



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