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Introducing Sensai, the most advanced AI sales platform for CRM | CloudApps

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Introducing Sensai, the most advanced AI sales platform for CRM | CloudApps

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Timing is everything, and only the most advanced AI platforms can enhance prediction accuracy using Deep-Learning on Time-Sequenced Data. Sensai learns from all your customer data, not just what is inside your CRM system. This includes any time-sequenced activities or other associated data, with the application of artificial neural networks to predict results to a higher degree of accuracy, allowing sales executives to gain actionable insights, every step of the way.

It’s what separates us from the rest of the market when it comes to AI for sales and CRM!


• Our initial release of Sensai focused on using time-sequenced data from Sumo (our Behaviour Observation platform), but now Sensai works with any time-sequenced data either within your CRM system or with data held externally in other systems too.

• Combining data that changes infrequently (such as that in accounts and some attributes of opportunities), with related and time-sequenced data, such as emails, calls & events, Sensai is able to make sense of it all using our deep learning AI algorithms.

• Sensai is not limited to Salesforce CRM, it can use and combine data from multiple systems. This could include simple scenarios such as combining CRM opportunity data with account data from the back office, through to combining your CRM data with insightful time-sequenced data such as previous order history, calendar appointments, and meetings, sourced from anywhere.

The result is a significant increase in prediction accuracy and broad applicability


• But Sensai does more than just predicting the likelihood of winning opportunities to a very high degree of accuracy. Sensai also has a unique ability to project forwards all the possible behaviors which could be undertaken and to use this information to recommend the most impactful next behaviors to perform i.e. those behaviors and actions which will have the most positive impact on a successful outcome.

• This puts the full power of AI sales at the fingertips of every Sales Rep, scientifically personalizing the sales process and the flow of each and every opportunity; providing a tailored game plan which highlights the best actions to perform at each unique point throughout the deal – this is why Sensai’s capabilities are ahead of any other solution available in the market today!


• Sensai can also predict values with a high degree of accuracy. Imagine the power and the potential use cases for predicting numerical values within your CRM system. In the context of opportunity management, this would typically include the ability to predict how much a specific deal will close for. With this new ability, forecasting will never be the same!

• More than this, Sensai can now also generate predictions for any binary outcome (not just opportunity win/loss); its power and scope is, therefore, broader than before, opening the door to many additional CRM use cases including, but not limited to; predicting customer churn, propensity to renew and lead conversion success, the options are now almost limitless!


Another big leap forward has been the ability to quantify and visualize the most important contributing factors to each deal.

• Individual sales reps looking at their deals can now see which attributes and aspects of the deal are contributing most to its score. Conversely, they can also see the factors which are negatively impacted the deal and use this knowledge to learn for the future.

• Sensai can also aggregate opportunities to show which attributes and behaviors were the most and least influential for any given group. This very useful insight can then be used to guide and change sales focus, to improve targeting and success rates.

• Sensai can also collectively quantify attribute and behavior importance (those things that are most significant to driving predictions) i.e. for any given set of opportunities such as a sales group, geographic region, or product line.

• This is extremely helpful to Sales Leaders and Sales Operations as, for example, it enables tailored lead generation targeting and/or sales training around key behaviors. Sales leaders may then choose to target behavioral nudges via Sumo’s motivational competitions; whilst sales executives can monitor and adjust their performance on each deal.

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