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Is it Time to Change the Automotive Dealer Franchise Model? Ep 56

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Is it Time to Change the Automotive Dealer Franchise Model? Ep 56

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We interview Adiba Fattah a PHD Researcher from the University of Sunshine Coast who is doing a Research Project on the Evaluation of the Franchise Model in the Australian Automotive Industry.
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Adiba is investigating the social exchange and the power and control between the dealer and the OEM in the franchise model. She is also looking into the franchise relationship and getting understanding of the impact of senior management rotation, level of support provided by the OEM to the dealer, warranty programs and diagnostic information and KPI programs.

In addition she will review Australian regulations and how these are viewed by both the dealer and the OEM and how interpreted.

She is also looking at contractual requirements including operation manuals and policy and procedures.

Other topics include effectiveness of field teams, reaction to legal reforms, collective bargaining and the role and effectiveness of dealer councils.

If you would like to participate in the research project you can contact:
A Fattah PHD Researcher
email: afattah@usc.edu.au

0:00 Introduction
02:14 Background Adiba
3:44 Understanding Automotive Distribution
12:17 Agency Model vs Franchise
16:14 Number of Dealers in the Future
34:02 Power Balance between OEM and Dealer
42:12 Research Project Outline
47:17 Summary

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