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ITIL – What is it? (Introduction & Best Practices)

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ITIL – What is it? (Introduction & Best Practices)

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Understanding the ins and outs of technology terms doesn’t need to be difficult. In this video, we explain the commonly searched phrase “what is ITIL” and outline how viewers can use it to their benefit.

Businesses need their IT hardware and software to work for them in successful and efficient ways. The hope when discussing IT service management is that all IT services will always work together in the best possible ways to help a business meet its specific needs and short- and long-term goals.

To achieve stellar IT service management, a business benefits the most from extra guidance. Improved IT service management can happen when following the ITIL framework. What is this framework? Formerly known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, it is a popular method for handling ITSM. This framework is a time-tested general set of standard instructions or recipe for the best IT service management practices known to benefit any type of business. These recommendations cover a wide range of areas like procedures, training programs and customizing ITSM to a company’s needs at various levels. Business leaders can apply these practices, which include topic-focused checklists and tasks, to any of their specific ITSM plans. The best part is that this guidance can work for a business no matter how small it is when it starts out or how large it becomes as it grows and prospers.

ITIL recommendations have existed in various offline and online reference forms since the 1980’s. As technologies and business needs have changed over the years, this incredible best practices guide has been updated to provide new terms and definitions and relevant modern insights into information technology service management. It’s important to keep in mind that like a chef with a recipe, IT managers and other leaders at any business can pick which instructions to use for their specific situation. ITIL is merely a guide that a business can customize to fit its needs.

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