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Kevita Kombucha Review – Is It Good For You?

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Kevita Kombucha Review – Is It Good For You?

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In this video we’re going to drop our long-awaited Kevita kombucha review and do an unbiased kombucha taste test of their Master Brew Ginger flavor. Finally, you’ll be able to see whether Kevita kombucha is good for you!

So Kevita’s kombucha is also called their Master Brew kombucha. With a name like that, it can feel like we’re drinking something kinda magical…like Harry Potter and his special Butter Beer.

Well, in this video, we’re going to put Kevita under the Essential Stacks spotlight and see if it really does live up to all the hype. That means we’re going to look at everything from how they brew their kombucha to exactly which probiotic species are in their drinks.

And since our research team spent months analyzing the leading kombucha brands for you, we’ll even look at how Kevita compares to other popular kombuchas (hello Kevita kombucha vs Synergy!). Finally, you’ll be able to work out which is best for you. Let’s go!

1:12 Who’s behind Kevita?
2:03 What products does Kevita sell?
4:01 How well is Kevita kombucha made?
5:29 Is Kevita kombucha pasteurized?
7:49 How is Kevita flavored?
9:04 What does Kevita taste like? (taste test)
11:09 Is Kevita good for you? (a look at Kevita kombucha benefits)
12:22 What probiotics are in Kevita?
16:25 What is the alcohol content of Kevita?
17:10 How much caffeine is in Kevita?
18:17 Kevita kombucha sugar – how many grams?
18:41 How expensive is Kevita kombucha?
19:14 Our verdict on Kevita


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