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Lead Generation Tools

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Want to scrape Google for 1000s of leads or want to collect information from literally any website for your business development or maybe for competition research. Growth hackers often use web scraping to automate and expedite business processes.

By the end of this video, you will learn how to collect a targeted audience from Google, it’s a small, nice hack I am sure you guys will like it, then I will show you a sophisticated web scraping tool and scrape Google Maps.
Data analytics gives you all the vital information required to optimize your business on all fronts. You can take full advantage of full data collection, analytics, and reporting tools.

Business growth involves garnering as many customers as you can. This requires knowing exactly what customers desire and what channels they use to find products and services. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram offer a goldmine for data analytic professionals to fetch crucial consumer data. Businesses can quickly determine how prospect customers reach their sites and which channels they use to make purchases.

Data analytics can also help you track the efficiency of marketing and lead generation techniques. As such, you can use it to improve lacking systems and streamline your lead generation funnels. With metrics such as click-through and bounce rate, data analytics professionals can review how prospects interact with existing sales funnels and website resources.

Using our data analytics tools can help your business grow in the long run and cut down operational costs. It allows you to streamline all areas of your business by removing inefficient systems and adopting new strategies that work for your unique customers.

Fast & powerful leads scraper: Our extension will give you the power to extract fresh, laser-targeted leads, IN SECONDS! The Leads that you are going to get are based on Location & Updated fresh data directly from Google Maps. You can’t go wrong with it!

You can Extract up to 500 Leads Per 1 click! 10 Clicks = 5000 Fresh leads and 3 Minutes of your time! Can you imagine the databases that you can build for yourself in just a few clicks?

Google Maps pulls information about your business from your Google My Business, the official Google business profile. Your business can set up its free Business Profile on Google and fill out a complete listing of your business’s key information. This data is then used to populate the local listings data displayed on Google Maps.

Benefits of Lead Sniper google Maps:
• Outreach to potential Clients
• Build Huge Client Database
• Resell leads
• Scrape competitor’s GMBs
• Unclaimed GMB Detector

Leads-Sniper Features:
• Phone Number
• Business Full Name
• Business Full Address
• Website
• Average Rating
• Reviews Count
• LinkedIn URL
• Facebook URL
• Twitter URL
• Instagram URL
• Latitude
• Emails

There are several other merits of data analytics concerning business growth and expansion. Business growth is all about understanding your target market, your business strengths, and your competition. Once you know what the market wants and what competitors offer, you can quickly come up with better products and services.

Google Maps Marketing is an affordable, yet highly effective strategy to target local audience. Not only does it boost your local sales but also builds awareness for your brand. Follow these best Google Maps Marketing practices and reach locals without breaking the bank. And our tool helps you to extract all this information with just one click.

Lead-Sniper with the help of Data analytics gives you all the vital information required to optimize your business on all fronts. You can take full advantage of full data collection, analytics, and reporting tools.

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