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Leverage External Traffic Sources to Boost Amazon Sales in 2022

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Leverage External Traffic Sources to Boost Amazon Sales in 2022

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Amazon operates on a simple formula – More Traffic = More possibility of sales.

It seems simpler to focus on a single platform such as Amazon and continue working with its algorithms and existing traffic. But this may not be the best strategy for Amazon sellers who are just starting out or whose product niche is highly competitive.

Pandemic’s increased traffic has led to dramatic increase in CPCs. It is nearly impossible to stand out using organic marketing tactics and more expensive to increase visibility through paid advertising.

Whether you are struggling to thrive in a highly competitive category or your Amazon sales are already good, you should boost your external marketing efforts to expand your reach. Though there is some risk involved in the success of off-Amazon marketing campaigns, having a proper strategy in place is critical to success.

In this guide video, Ankita Patil, Product Evangelist at SellerApp talks about different sources of traffic and why driving external traffic to Amazon listings is important.

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Introduction : 0:00
SellerApp Logo : 0:26
Why driving external traffic to Amazon listings is important? : 0:32
How to improve your product listings? : 1:06
Types of traffic sources : 1:29
Types of Internal traffic sources : 1:48
Amazon SEO : 2:00
Amazon Product Reviews : 2:41
Amazon Sponsored Products : 4:49
Affiliate Marketing : 5:42
Instagram : 6:01
Facebook ads: 6:49
Google ads : 8:04
Demand Side Platform : 9:08
Deal websites : 9:47
Amazon Sponsored Display ads : 10:16
Benefits of driving external traffic to your Amazon listings : 10:56
What is Amazon Attribution : 11:52
What can you track using Amazon Attribution : 12:38
Key features of Amazon Attribution : 12:57
Benefits of using Amazon Attribution : 14:11
Conclusion: 15:21

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