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LinkedIn Strategy to Boost Your Profile | Coat Tailing

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LinkedIn Strategy to Boost Your Profile | Coat Tailing

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If you’re still working on landing your first job or jumpstarting your Salesforce journey and need the extra motivation I have the perfect program for you. This is called the “$60k or More in 6 Months or Less | Salesforce Career Development Program” and it’s going to change your life!
✅ This program will take you from wherever you are today to landing your first Salesforce job in 6 months or less making $60,000 – $80,000.
✅ I need you to dedicate 10 hours per week of your time. Myself and the program will take care of the rest!
✅ This is the only place you will find LinkedIn Reviews and Mock Interviews specific to Salesforce from one of the most experienced Salesforce professionals on the planet!
✅ I will teach you exactly what to do to in order to get your 1st Salesforce Certification.
✅ I will show you exactly how to get real world experience by working with companies as a volunteer. I am so confident in these strategies that if you cant find volunteer projects on your own, I will find them for you, guaranteeing you hands on experience!
✅ I will give you access to Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review Sessions with feedback and additional access to pre-recorded review sessions so you can see examples of other resumes and LinkedIn Profiles to get yours just right!
✅ You will receive access to Mock Interview sessions to make sure you are fully prepared for interviews!
✅ We will conquer every obstacle, breakdown every barrier and make sure that nothing stops you from landing a job in a high paying and rewarding career!
✅ If you have any questions contact me directly on LinkedIn or Facebook and I’m happy to change your life!
✅ If you’re serious about taking the plunge I will hop on a call with you and make sure you are confident with next steps!
✅ Check the program out here! The #Salesforce Career Development Program is the ultimate guided approach to #SalesforceJobs and will fast track your path to a #FullyRemote career!

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