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Make $200,000/Year Selling Software (Enterprise SaaS Sales)

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Make $200,000/Year Selling Software (Enterprise SaaS Sales)

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The reason Enterprise SaaS Sales reps so much is because the completely of the deals, software sales salaries are huge. There are so many people that need buy-in approval to purchase a 100k license for an org which is why sales makes so much. As a software sales rep the environment is always changing due to rapid innovation which means you always need to be aware of your software sales career. Due to this you need to constantly be re-educating yourself on your product, the marketplace, and your customers organizations which is where these sales training videos come into play. A large part of the pay is based on performance, so there is some risk involved but overall large upside. On a really good year, it’s more than possible to make more than 400k.

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