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Marketing Video for Post and Boost June 2021

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Marketing Video for Post and Boost June 2021

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Every funeral home operator in America would love to have a Facebook page that rocks! But they don’t know how it works, they don’t know how to do it, and they don’t have a lot of free time to figure it out.

I’m Bill A Johnston, a Facebook Expert for Funeral Homes, and author of the book Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes.

If you want your funeral home’s Facebook page to rock, here are my two secrets to your success!

Secret #1: Facebook users love their funeral home! That’s why we use the faces of your staff members. You see, we post faces on Facebook. Makes sense!

And Secret #2. Every post we publish for every client is custom. We’re not a cookie-cutter agency. Your funeral home is unique. When we engage users in your community…they want to see your faces on Facebook!

And here’s my guarantee! It will take no more than four hours of your time to make it happen!

Imagine…your funeral home Facebook page being the best, most effective local advertising you have ever done! PLUS Every funeral home in your area will want to know how you’re doing it!

And that…will be our secret!

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