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Marshall Emberton vs JBL Flip 5 & Soundcore Boost – true stereophonic 🤓

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Marshall Emberton vs JBL Flip 5 & Soundcore Boost – true  stereophonic 🤓

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Marshall Emberton: n
Soundcore Boost v2: t
JBL Flip 5: 5

First try of the Marshall Emberton portable bluetooth speaker. Fully tested for bass and loudness and compared to the JBL Flip 5 and the Soundcore Boost. Includes frequency response measurements.

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Alan Ross Reviews Top Picks:
Pound for pound world champion:
Soundcore Motion Boom:
Amazingly deep bass to 40hz for its size and price.
Still worth a look:
My former world champ the Soundcore Motion Plus can still offer great clarity.
£50 champion:
Soundcore Boost: t
Hi End Pick:
Minirig mk3 2.2 system: 3
Great for portable low deep kick:
Onyx Studio 6: 6
Best Micro Options:
Bose Soundlink Micro (warm): o
Tribit Stormbox Micxro (clinical): o
Worth a Look:
W-King T9: 9
The T9 is a reasonably loud and balanced party speaker with a big bright detailed sound.
Budget Loud Boombox: no clear winner but my pick for fun outside listen would be:
W-King X10 0
Travel Speakers:
Marshall Stockwell 2: 2
offers a decent immersive sound with full and tight bass. Beware though it does not go very loud
JBL Charge 5: 5
Only mono but has a very clear and dynamic sound at low volumes and can go reasonably loud but will become a little screechy over 80%.

0:00 intro
4:37 specs
7:45 frequency response
8:48 50% sound test
14:29 75% sound comparison
17:35 75% frequency analysis
20:43 maximum volume test
23:39 conclusion

As Time Fades – Marionette
Tiny Kingdoms – All I Know
Sam Dawson & Jodie Fitzgibbon – Better Without Me [Bass Rebels]
Vinsmoker & Marin Hoxha – Touch Me Again (feat. CRÈME)

end track: Baby C – Perfect Life

As Time Fades – Marionette
Official link: c

Vinsmoker & Marin Hoxha – Touch Me Again (feat. CRÈME)
Free Download / Stream: /

Alan Ross Reviews, probably the best reviews in the universe 🙂
Marshall Emberton, best smalls peaker 2021?!
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