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Michael Bereslavsky: Why Investors love the SaaS industry #145

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Michael Bereslavsky: Why Investors love the SaaS industry #145


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Michael is the founder and CEO at Domain Magnate, an M&A and micro-private equity firm with over 14 years of experience buying, optimizing and selling profitable online businesses.

Michael has been working in the online businesses since 2004 which has enabled him to learn how to effectively build and monetize websites and grow online businesses.

During this interview we cover:

00:00 Oribi.io Smarter Data-Driven & Analytics Decisions
01:02 – Intro
01:58 – Why Investors Love SaaS Over Other Asset Classes
04:45 – 2017 SaaS Landscape vs 2021
09:02 – SaaS Metrics that Matter the Most
13:33 – Thoughts on Business Acquisition Platforms & Marketplaces
15:32 – Steps to Find a Great SaaS Business Deal to Acquire
17:30 – Financing, Debt or Capital Access
19:23 – First Investment Fund & Process
23:05 – Contentfy.co Your On-Demand Podcast Editing Team
25:36 – Timing When Raising Through an Investment Group
28:31 – Top Methods to Scale & Grow a SaaS Business
31:19 – The Big Secret in the SaaS Space
32:58 – Long Term Goal for Domain Magnate
36:54 – What Would Michael do Differently if He Could Start From Scratch
38:15 – Instrumental Resources For Michael’s Success
39:19 – What Does Success Mean To Michael Today
40:10 – Get in Touch With Michael

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