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Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud migration webinar

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud migration webinar

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Watch this webinar recording to hear insights into what Microsoft considers the top Dynamics CRM migration considerations, post-assessment.

Economic disruptions from COVID-19 have compelled most organizations to assess whether their legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure offer the necessary agility to remain competitive. On-premises Dynamics CRM customers now face some important decisions on modernizing their current solutions. While receiving an assessment (i.e., Standard Migration Assessment or SMA) likely answered many of your technical questions around migrating, where should your organization focus its time and energy next?

Topic timestamps:
• [1:15] Standard Migration Assessment (SMA) overview
• [13:30] Understanding the value of cloud migration
• [19:06] Migration process overview
• [22:37] OP2OL factory overview
• [28:37] Partner considerations
• [35:34] Webinar Q&A

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