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MLOBOX CRM Session #2 Dashboard Review, New Loans,, Referral Partner Landing Page, Drips (16 min)

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MLOBOX CRM Session #2   Dashboard Review, New Loans,, Referral Partner Landing Page, Drips (16 min)

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MLOBOX CRM Session #2 – Dashboard Review, New Loans in the System, Referral Partner Landing Page, Drips Review, Leads Disposition, Milestones, Contacts, Reporting, Communication, Media, Groups, Tasks and more. (16 min)

1. Dashboard Review (Voice Calls, Text Messages, Voice Messages, Media Message, Email Campaigns)

2. New loans in the system, your tasks, recent contact activity from messages, calls or emails, and any sort of contact nurture (like birthdays and anniversaries)

3. Referral Partner Page Overview (used for anyone that would send you leads such as realtors, financial advisors, CPAs, Title agents etc)

4. To add a partner, input basic info and click Add. Once you do that, you’ll be able to click on partner menu (three dots) and control specific actions for that partner (such as creating a LEAD Contact Form page or a specific URL for the partner to send you leads)

5. Lead contact form aka Partners Lending Page, realtor or partner can simply input lead contact info, and it will automatically add that lead into your CRM as a contact. And if that partner was a realtor, that process will start automatically for the outreach with drip campaign.

6. Drip campaign review (with multiple steps such as texts, emails, tasks) Realtor Upload Drip Campaign Review- pre created for you.

7. Each message can be edited, changed to different type (text, media, voice drop), add additional or remove existing steps and the idea is as soon as the lead comes in the system, the system is automatically reaching out on your behalf.

8. How to Disposition leads (click on a lead button, and from drop down menu, select your disposition) examples: 1003 completed – request docs; Called left VM, Contacted-Rescheduled; Pre-Approved.

9. Milestones (under settings) – where the client is in the steps of the loan. (Prospect = anyone that doesn’t have file started in the LOS or In Process = File Started)

10. Reviewing 1003 Completed Request Docs Milestone Steps (SMSs, emails and communications between borrowers) pre-loaded templates are already there, if you’d like to add more steps, you can add Emails, SMS, MMS or Additional Drips. Choose Type of message, and who to send it to (Buying Agent, Listing Agent, Title, Borrower)

11. Reviewing In Process milestones (File already started, and it’s moving along) File Started, Financials Reviewed, Submitted to UW, etc (SMSs, emails and communications between parties are already pre-loaded with templates and steps. In Process Milestones can be seen in a nice flow inside the Transactions menu (on the left side) as a tiles on a board (sort of like trello board) and you can drag and drop across as they move.

12. You can also click a view on each transaction and see full details and key parts.

13. Back to reviewing additional Drip Campaigns (example Realtor Dot Com aka RDC Lead Campaign) 18 steps and moves step by step until you get a response, and if there’s a response, drip stops.

14. Contacts: You can manually add a contact or import it with CSV.

15. Drip routing can be done by selecting a source and tag, and drip can be associated based on a particular tag.

16. Reporting can also be available for your referral partners such as weekly reports with info about their own leads.

17. Communication: (any communication that takes place within the system is recorded)

18. Media: (you can pre-record your video and audio messages within the system) To record a video, Click Media menu, then “Video Record” button. Once you stop recording, name a file and you can associate it within your drip campaigns to add a nice personal touch. (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc). Same applies to audio files (Used for Voice Drops… leaving a voice messages without getting stuck on a call, used for quick notifications or reminders)

19. Utilize “Groups” and “Mass Actions” to send mass texts or mass voice drops. You can also create any group and put them into a specific drip campaigns.

20. Tasks: You can create them for a specific user and assign them to your team. You can also add tasks to your calendar (with outlook or gmail integration)

21. You can send emails directly from your CRM

22. You can call contacts directly from your CRM and leave disposition after each call. It’ll keep all activity log for that user.

23. You can also send one off texts from the system (and attach V-Cards as well)

24. You can set up reminders by clicking time frame buttons, as well as enter specific info into contact details.


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