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Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips: Boost your leads ROI

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Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips:  Boost your leads ROI

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Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips: Boost your leads ROI

5:02 Why is a mobile website optimized essential for leads?

17:22 How to track your success & ROI

23:58 Importance of mobile marketing

31:42 Mobile website best practices

More people will be searching on mobile than desktop`s by 2014 and Australia has the largest penetration of smartphones in the world after Singapore.
If you want more phone calls and enquiries for your product or service, now is the time to make sure you are giving your visitors a great user experience on a smartphone, for your website.
Join internet marketing strategist, Andrew R Edwards, in this FREE special 1 hour webinar on how you can boost your leads and return on investment through effective mobile websites.
In this webinar you will learn:

The 4 essential steps for increasing your mobile sales & leads

First why is a mobile website optimized essential for leads?

Secondly how do you actually track your success and return on investment, a well-worn phrase only I’ll actually confirm the tool that you may already use and how to actually know what’s working for your offline business as well as online.

Thirdly, the importance of mobile advertising because you cannot build a mobile website and just expect it to all happen instantly although I will give you a really great solution to how you can get the desired results as quickly as possible.

Finally the mobile website best practices to actually take away from today’s webinar and I’m sure you’ll find those very very useful.

Let’s look at step 1 and my friend on the screen here is basically showing growth in email inquiries, profits, analytics and leads

In this powerful webinar we will reveal:

* The biggest mistakes most businesses make to lose sales from mobile

* The opportunity for local businesses to boost their profits

* Examples of how a mobile website must be different to your desktop site

* The free & powerful way to measure your success

* You can be the thought leaders in your industry by taking away the next 3 steps that you can implement in your business straight away.

Whatever information I show comes from authoritative sources so that includes Google and the likes of Nielsen.

Google shows that 60% of everybody who actually browses the internet are starting their search on a smartphone, that’s a very high percentage.

This is a groundbreaking slide that applies to Australia as well as the USA that for the first time in history the amount of hours spent on digital media is overtaking that amount for TV. This has never been the case before

In 2010 it wasn’t that impactful but 2013 is dramatically increased in the number of people using the mobile technology and we are talking about tablets as well as smartphones here.

We are spending more time on digital media than TV.

63% of all smartphone users have performed a search on their phone after seeing offline ads
The question is what the user experience is when they actually visit your website?

Because 24% of local consumers intentionally carry their smartphones while they’re out shopping

Many desktop websites on a mobile give a bad user experience and that loses you money so you need to be aware of what the experience is.

No presentation about mobile will be complete without mentioning apps briefly.48 billion apps have been downloaded from Google play which is the equivalent of the app store for Apple Mac and that’s a big figure.

According to Google surveys and statistics once a business website is optimized for mobile use they have come out with a survey recently that said there is a 64% increase in visits & a 50% increase in conversion rate when you actually optimize your desktop site mobile.

So imagine if 50% increase in your conversion rate what would that actually mean to you in term of profits?

Google are pumping a lot of money into the local mobile experience as well so definitely applies to offline businesses and not just to online businesses.

You’ve got to take action because this is not next week, not next month, not next year. You have seen all the consumers using tablets and mobiles.

We’re going to give you an opportunity to order a lead generation mobile website from us.

And while there are definitely web developers who understand what’s happening with the mobile world it is something that you have speak with a specialist. If they haven’t spoken to you before and they haven’t discussed it with you there is a real chance they don’t know the information you have to be aware of when you’re building a mobile site to generate leads & sales.

This is not just for the future, the opportunities are happening every day.

We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar.

Kind regards,

CCIQ (Chamber Of Commerce Queensland Head Office) Events & Andrew R Edwards

Contact Andrew R Edwards on +61 (0) 401 445 019 or info@andrewredwards.com

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