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New Amazon PPC Ads Under 1% ACoS – Using Social Media and Amazon Advertising Together To Boost Sales

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New Amazon PPC Ads Under 1% ACoS – Using Social Media and Amazon Advertising Together To Boost Sales

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By the end of this video you should learn:

How To Optimize Your Amazon PPC Campaign For Profitability and Growth.

✔️ – 0:02 – Most of the time @LukeWi likes to show some bad Amazon PPC examples in his Amazon Pay-Per-Click tutorials, but sometimes there are new Amazon Ad features that perform great with Amazon FBA Sellers. In this Amazon guide we will show one of the best Amazon Advertising Tools launched and some of the lowest ACoS Amazon campaigns @LukeWi has ever seen in Amazon Ads. This is a perfect Amazon tool to use right before the holidays.

✔️ – 0:39 – Amazon Pay-Per-Impression or VCPM as Amazon likes to call it. The newest Amazon PPC Sponsored Display campaign tool that is changing how Amazon PPC Experts such as @LukeWi launch PPC Amazon Ads. Watch how he test new Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns and how he launches multiple Amazon PPC campaign strategies at once.

✔️ – 1:30 – Watch this part of this Amazon PPC walkthrough and learn how @LukeWi applies critical thinking skills to his Amazon PPC strategies to optimize his PPC Amazon campaigns. Learn how applying social media such as Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Post to compound the amount of sales you receive from Amazon advertisements.

✔️ – 3:40 – Learn about @LukeWi’s experience with an Amazon FBA Brand that is pushing content from all social media outlets and running Amazon PPC Sponsored Display Impression campaigns at the same time. See the amazing results and crazy low Amazon Advertised Cost of Sales (ACoS) from it.

✔️ – 4:00 – Amazon Advertising Holiday Tip straight from an Amazon PPC Expert’s mouth. Learn how to get ready for Amazon Holiday Sales such as Halloween. Take advantage of Amazon PPC Holiday Sale Campaign Strategies.

✔️ – 5:30 – See how large Amazon stores prepare on Amazon by creating Amazon Holiday PPC Campaigns months before the holiday. This way you can launch Amazon retargeting ads for the last minute Amazon shoppers.

✔️ – 6:20 – Conclusion: Watch this for @LukeWi, the Amazon PPC Expert’s two big takeaways from this Amazon PPC video. These are new Amazon PPC tips not found anywhere else. See which Amazon Products or Amazon Product ASINs perform best with Amazon impression campaigns.

This Video:

This video highlights Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign Strategies that have worked great for my clients so I hope you find it incredibly valuable.

I wished I would have had someone giving Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tutorials for Amazon Sellers when I first started because it would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars experimenting the hard way.

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