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New AS Boost Policy in Forever Living Products

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New AS Boost Policy in Forever Living Products

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The new policy is applicable from 1st July 2021.

There are some changes in Marketing Plan applicable from the mention date and bellow are the benefits summery. For know in details, watch the Video.

1. Preferred Customers discount drop from 15% to 5%.
2. New Sponsor Bonus comes up from 15% to 25% for every levels.
3. Every Level’s Active Distributor will get 5% Extra Boost Bonus from Preferred Customer billing.
4. Active Distributor only get Personal Bonus. Non-Active Distributor’s Personal Bonus goes to active upline.
5. Active Distributor also get Boost & Personal Bonus from his Inactive Downline. (Even in same Levels)

* *Its my personal View that Boost bonus vary in different Levels. For AS = 5%,Supervisor = 8%, AM = 13%, Manager = 18%. But its not same as this video. So Harish Singla Sir will Give the Clear Picture very soon.

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