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NFT Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips to Boost your NFT Collection

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NFT Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips to Boost your NFT Collection

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Want to know which are the 5 tips for this NFT Marketing Strategy?
00:00 The right NFT community
03:57 1. Stay Honest
05:02 2. Start building the community before the project
06:33 3. Promote on Rarity.tools (budget needed)
07:23 4. Sponsored videos on YouTube
09:59 5. Giveaways

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A lot of people fail to sell their NFT artwork because of a wrong NFT Marketing Strategy.

Even people with huge communities fail to sell a single NFT because they do not have the right community.

Sometimes a small number of followers is enough if these are the right people.

More, it is very important to start your marketing strategy even before you list the first NFTs. This was when you launch the NFT collection there will be people ready to buy it.

Of course, it depends on the budget you have. If you have some money to spend on it, it is much easier because you can put your project on different websites, promote it with YouTubers, pay for sponsored blog posts, and a lot more.

However, this does not mean that if you do not have a budget you would be able to sell a single NFT.

I personally have sold many of my Shibatoons NFTs just while uploading them.

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