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NIO Stock Revenue BOOST News! NIO Share Price Prediction & Analysis | FBE Capital

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NIO Stock Revenue BOOST News! NIO Share Price Prediction & Analysis | FBE Capital

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Today we look at the NIO stock and the developments that impact the revenue and the NIO share price.
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So based on the recent developments, NIO is going to greatly expand its deliveries after Q3 of this year and the first way in which NIO will do this, is with their securing of the Whole Vehicle Type Approval or WVTA, for the ES8 model.

This WVTA basically means that you can get a new vehicle certified in one EU country and then sell this vehicle across all EU countries, without further testing and certifying. So this saves a lot of time and money and gives NIO access to the entire EU market.

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Video Structure:
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00:27 NIO’s Delivery Expansion
01:03 3 Major Positives for NIO
02:20 NIO EU Delivery Forecast
03:43 Strengths of Expanding to the EU
04:24 Critical Note
05:01 NIO’s Quarterly Outlook

So it will be very interesting to see how NIO will perform in the Norwegian market and if they can offer a competitive price, but with that said we can make a forecast on the average monthly deliveries in Norway.

Now with all EV’s in Norway, in the first month the deliveries tend to be very high, due to pre-orders but over a 4 month period it tends to flatten out, which then shows that the top performing models have around 700 to 800 deliveries per month, the mid range 400 to 500 and in the lower range has around 150 to 300 deliveries per month.

What we have to remember here, is that the strength of expanding to Norway was never to realise huge delivery numbers, it is to get access to the European market and to learn how to sell to the Europeans.

Once NIO perfects its marketing and distribution in Norway, it can start to deliver to the whole of Europe and at only 18% of it’s Chinese deliveries, NIO could easily double its monthly deliveries by going into just 6 EU countries.

In addition to this, Norway is one of the smallest countries when it comes to total car sales, so when NIO starts to go into the giants such as Germany, Spain, France and Italy, this 18% will go up a lot if NIO can get a foothold in those markets.

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