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Office Hours for Entrepreneurs with Mike Cooch

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Office Hours for Entrepreneurs with Mike Cooch

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These are Q&A calls with Mike Cooch from LVRG.com and ServicesThatScale.com to help you in any way he can to get unstuck and start or grow your business!

If you’re starting or growing your early-stage online information marketing or Digital Agency business, hop on these free calls and let Mike use his experience as a 4x 7-Figure founder and 3x INC 5000 CEO try to help!

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05:45 What are the best agency niches?
09:41 “I see you included ‘Directory Submissions’ in your ‘Attract’ package. Did you have your team do those manually? Or did you use a service like Yext?”
14:34 “I’m trying to get into MSP with GoHighLevel pro upgrade but have not received access yet. How do I get access?”
16:38 “Do you have a video or training somewhere on the process for integrating GoHighLevel with ThriveCart?”
19:20 “I’ve been running into issues with POS systems like Toast. How do I differentiate? Or rather integrate?”
24:42 “I’m planning on talking about outcomes in my funnel and offer, instead of technology so I’m not competing with technology solutions. Your thought on this?”
27:17 “My question is on your previous IT business, when you charge $49/month, is that per desktop? Same for server and network management?”
28:22 An “Add value in advance’ campaign
32:01 Biggest trick when running a live event
34:33 “Are there any other alternative platforms to build community?”
43:44 “Where can I find the white label docs to build new client presentations?”
50:47 “In the R4 snapshot landing page, the order of R’s is old one also – is there an image that has the new order for our landing page?”
55:19 “I have bought 3 times from you but not yet part of the Circle. How do I get in?”
57:12 “Do I have to buy access to the R4 Snapshot? I’m probably willing to do that if I have to.”
57:58 “Have you done much work with breweries in the past?”
1:00:46 Difference of HighLevel from CRM tool
1:13:42 “What is the best website content writer company/site you would recommend?”


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I’m a serial entrepreneur that has founded successful, seven-figure businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce (and flopped on a variety of attempts as well…keepin’ it real!).

My businesses have been named to the INC Magazine List of Fastest-Growing Companies three years in a row, and were also nominated as a Best Place to Work in their respective cities.

I have an MBA from Babson College (the #1 ranked entrepreneurship school in the world 25+ years running – go Beavers!), where he has been a regular guest lecturer on the topic of ‘Managing a Rapidly Growing Business’, and a BS in Finance from Colorado State University.

I have three children, I’m an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and I’m loving life in my adopted hometown of San Diego.

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs build businesses that give them more freedom, more money, and more impact. 💯

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