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Office Hours for Entrepreneurs with Mike Cooch

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Office Hours for Entrepreneurs with Mike Cooch


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These are Q&A calls with Mike Cooch from LVRG.com and ServicesThatScale.com to help you in any way he can to get unstuck and start or grow your business!

If you’re starting or growing your early-stage online information marketing or Digital Agency business, hop on these free calls and let Mike use his experience as a 4x 7-Figure founder and 3x INC 5000 CEO try to help!

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0:02:15 “When I setup my Sublevel account for my own agency, what is the right Snapshot to start with?”
0:06:55 “Can you talk with GoHighLevel and see what their plans are for customer support?”
0:07:37 “In the process of implementing R4 in our pitch deck, is there a template somewhere that could help? Any major tips as far as slides are concerned?”
0:15:46 “Are you planning to do an R4 Surge to SaaS intensive soon?”
0:17:12 “Any info on LinkedIn being included in the social media planner?”
0:17:33 “Can I use R4 Sales System Script 2.0 for any niche to sell services? And do I need any other software apart from GoHighLevel?”
0:19:18 “What is the best Snapshot with workflows to install and customize for our client services offering?”
0:27:50 “After finishing MSP course, what’s your recommendation to get working on next?”
0:33:14 “Need your affiliate link to GoHighLevel that gives me all your backend training and snapshots for any agency stuff.”
0:38:02 “LawHustle looks cool. How would you start something like that – take one element
and go with it while working the rest out as you go?”
0:44:09 “Just to confirm, we’re not putting the software pricing as a separate item as from the services pricing, correct?”
0:45:11 “Recently signed up for HighLevel and MSP Academy. Is there a “Start Here” checklist that is “Big Picture” including choosing niche targeting and initial service offerings?”
0:47:49 “I already have a website. Is there a reason I should move it into HighLevel or is it easy enough to add stuff from HighLevel directly to my existing website?”
0:49:12 “Lots of Office Hours calls – is there a “best of” list?”
0:49:54 “Where do I sign up for the Mastermind and SaaS initiative?”
0:53:12 “Have you ever had an issue with GMB texting not working even though the chat bot
is working? I’ve given thru troubleshooting and not getting any joy?”
0:53:36 “Can you show again where the snapshots/other templates are that we can pull into
our GHL platform to use after some modifications? And how to do that?”
0:56:02 “I’m halfway through the book ‘Art & Business of Online Writing’, would love your thoughts sometime on integrating his ideas into our work.”
0:59:31 “Where can I sign up for the upcoming Mastermind and SaaS intensive? I’m already
inside MSP Academy.”
1:09:08 “What package/price points are SMB restaurant owners biting on and how do you
normally approach them?”


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I’m a serial entrepreneur that has founded successful, seven-figure businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce (and flopped on a variety of attempts as well…keepin’ it real!).

My businesses have been named to the INC Magazine List of Fastest-Growing Companies three years in a row, and were also nominated as a Best Place to Work in their respective cities.

I have an MBA from Babson College (the #1 ranked entrepreneurship school in the world 25+ years running – go Beavers!), where he has been a regular guest lecturer on the topic of ‘Managing a Rapidly Growing Business’, and a BS in Finance from Colorado State University.

I have three children, I’m an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and I’m loving life in my adopted hometown of San Diego.

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs build businesses that give them more freedom, more money, and more impact. 💯

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