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Omnichannel Strategies for a Post-IDFA World

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Omnichannel Strategies for a Post-IDFA World

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The dust has more-than-settled over the bombshell that has been Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework.

With Google announcing their Privacy Sandbox for Android, the march toward a more privacy-focused internet is not slowing down. For marketers, adapting to & thriving in this post-identifier world is more critical than ever.

Join us in this webinar hosted by RocketShip HQ and Ruckus, in which our panelists share strategies that have worked for them across the web and app ecosystems, along with their best tips and pointers to prepare for a post-identifier future.

– Grace Ouma-Cabezas, Head of Growth, Poppy Seed Health
– Evan Woods, General Manager, DT.Co
– Shamanth Rao, Founder & CEO, Rocketship HQ
– Matej Lancaric, User Acquisition & Marketing consultant
– Moderator: Anish Shah, Purveyor of Growth & Talent, Ruckus

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