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Online Advertising, 4 Stage Nurturing Proven To Boost Conversions

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Online Advertising, 4 Stage Nurturing Proven To Boost Conversions

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When it comes to online advertising, conversions matter. And while many things impact online advertising conversions, the sequence of your ads is notably important. Sure, pricing, landing pages, audiences and more matter. But without the right ad sequence, you will never get that audience to consider your offer. In this video, John Lincoln discusses one way to set up your online advertising sequence. He uses ads and applies them to real work examples. In these 4 stages, the prospect will go from meeting you to considering you to deciding on you to committing and finally to purchase. With this time of messaging in a story board, you will be in a better position than if you were just to say buy now with your online advertising.

This online advertising sequence can be applied to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft online advertising and more.

As ad targeting is advancing, it is very important that you take advantage of it for your online advertising. From top of funnel to bottom, it should be as deliberate as possible. Especially for the longer cycle buyer. And the cycle of buying is now longer than ever with passing shoppers online. That is why you need heavy remarketing in your online advertising and to even thing about the next step, such as when they are going to buy again and other products you can sell them with your online advertising.

Watch this video now to learn more about online advertising and upper funnel to bottom funnel messaging.

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