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Opening Keynote | GoDaddy Open 2021

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Opening Keynote | GoDaddy Open 2021

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Discover a new era of commerce where building seamless shopping experiences – both online and in-person – that engage customers, drive loyalty and boost sales is quick and easy. With GoDaddy’s ecommerce tools, you can reach more people, sell in more places and manage your sales and payments from a single view. It’s shopping made simple, tailored to your business. Get inspired by our lineup of business leaders, experts and influencers as we discuss solutions for navigating the new normal, adapting to a digital-first landscape and selling anything, anywhere. Get ready to propel your business forward with GoDaddy.

Featured speakers:

Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy

Naomi Osaka, Global Tennis Star and Founder of KINLÒ:

Tania Roja, GoDaddy Team Member

Katsuri Mudulodu, GoDaddy Team Member

Learn more about GoDaddy:
Website Builder:
Email Marketing:
GoDaddy Studio:

As the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world, GoDaddy gives you all the help and tools you need to grow online.

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