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OPP56 Adam Chandler – Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement, Trust and Get More Sales Online

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OPP56 Adam Chandler – Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement, Trust and Get More Sales Online

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Online Playmaker Sessions Episode 56 of the online playmaker sessions with lifestyle entrepreneur – Adam Chandler. –

Adam Chandler has been helping people create freedom and lifestyle using leveraged online business strategies for over 7 years.

He dove into the exciting world of digital marketing after losing 2 newspaper advertising jobs in a 6 month period in 2008 and hasn’t had a “real job” ever since. In the world of online home business, Adam increased his income from $19,000 per year to 6-figures in just 2 years. In 2014 he became the #1 producer in his direct sales company and has attracted thousands of customers into his various online training products, live events and coaching programs.

He’s passionate about helping others create the same freedom and leverage he enjoys as a self-employed home business entrepreneur.

This week’s online playmaker Adam Chandler.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

• How to overcome the challenges that come with early stages of entrepreneurship and get your business off the ground even if you’re still struggling
• How to attract a bigger audience with content marketing by doing less
• The secret to a powerful launch with email series that you don’t even have to create yourself
• Best tips to create the most engaging email content for your audience
• How to get the best results from your social media marketing and grow your business faster

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