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Organifi Red Juice Review – Can It Really Boost Metabolism?

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Organifi Red Juice Review – Can It Really Boost Metabolism?

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In this review, we take a look at Organifi Red Juice, a product that followed up on the very popular Organifi Green Juice but with an ingredient list very much its own.

So how does their Red Juice compare with the more established Green Juice? And what did I think of the taste, price, ingredients, and nutritional value?

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Red Juice takes a slightly different angle, promising a huge variety of benefits but emphasizing, in particular, an ability to “boost the metabolism” and confer “anti-aging” benefits.

These are pretty big claims and the product seems to have even greater aspirations than Green Juice. I decided to dig a little deeper and see how many of these claims were supported.

There are 30 calories in a scoop and they all come from carbs: there are 7 grams of carbs, 1 gram of sugar, and 2.4 grams of fiber.

There are just two micronutrients: there’s 5 milligrams of sodium (under 1 percent of the RDI) and 8,333 percent of the RDI of Vitamin B12.

With products like these, the emphasis is usually on the ingredients, so I wasn’t completely surprised not to see a TON of vitamins and minerals listed on the label.

Organifi’s Red Juice has ingredients split up into three proprietary blends, so we don’t know the exact weight of each of the ingredients here. Everything is organic, in case that’s something you’re looking for in your “superfoods” supplement.

A little more on the specific blends below:

Antioxidant Berry Blend (2.1 grams): Pomegranate juice powder, cranberry powder, blueberry juice powder, raspberry powder, strawberry powder.

Endurance Blend (3.05 grams): Beet root powder, cordyceps powder, reishi mushroom extract.

Metabolic Boosting Blend (1.3 grams): Acai juice powder, rhodiola powder, Siberian ginseng powder.

The ingredients also include artichoke inulin and some flavorings: natural berry acai flavor, malic acid, and monk fruit extract flavor.

So what does all this do? When you look at their site, Organifi emphasizes three main benefits: anti-aging, nootropics, and metabolism boosting.

In my full review, I break down these purported benefits and give my own take and thoughts on this product, along with both potential pros and cons for users.

Have questions about this product? Let me know in the comments below!

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