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OtterClam LOW RISK CRYPTO on DISCOUNT {Decentralized Finance Tutorial}

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OtterClam LOW RISK CRYPTO on DISCOUNT {Decentralized Finance Tutorial}

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I introduce you to OtterClam Finance – a crypto project which is trading well below intrinsic value. I specialise in conducting unbiased cryptocurrency reviews – and this video is a free crypto review into why I make such a bold claim. In the upcoming videos in my OtterClam series, I conduct a cryptocurrency fundamental analysis course into OtterClam which culminates in using my method of calculating the intrinsic value of cryptocurrency to determine the fair value that I think this low risk crypto should trade at.

Intrinsic value calculations are how Warren Buffet specifically prices companies, and I use this to find crypto on discount. The value may not be unlocked within days, and this isn’t a moonshot (though I won’t be unhappy if that’s what happens while I’m long!), but it is a crypto with free money just waiting to be unlocked if you have the patience.

I aim to be an honest crypto youtuber so by all means feel free to call me out if you disagree with any of my points. Relative to most crypto projects, investing in this project imo is one of the more low risk ways to make money online. It’s probably not going to feature on a list of how to get rich with crypto in 2022, but I’m confident it’ll make me much more than the majority of projects out there. There is the potential for it to be a long term cryptocurrency investment in 2022, meaning that it can take a while for the profits to be realised, but sometimes that’s what it takes to get easy low risk profit in crypto.

I specialise in cryptocurrency research reviews, calculators, and figuring out the best ways to earn passive income with crypto in 2022, so do subscribe and let me know in the comments section of any other crypto projects you’d like me to look into!

Latest info on OtterClam’s NFT Mint as of 14 Mar 2022: Presale Mint Price for @Diamond-Paw Otters and @Ottolisted will be lowered to 0.06 ETH (Polygon ETH). Public Mint Price will be lowered to 0.08 ETH (Polygon ETH).

I’ve changed the numbers in my spreadsheet accordingly to take into account the updated WL and Public sale price, which you can view at the below url:

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00:00 Intro
00:59 OtterClam Overview
02:27 OHM Fork Roots and the DAOpocalypse
03:28 How They Can Increase Their Price Without Marketing
04:43 Overview of the OtterClam Dashboard
05:45 Calculator To Show How Much Discount They’re Trading At
14:15 How To Determine The Ideal Profit Generating Strategy
21:05 Understanding PEARL Notes: Decentralized Finance – How To Invest
21:46 NFTs
24:06 What The NFT Sale Means To Investors: Decentralized Finance Tutorial
27:44 How To Buy OtterClam (I Wanted To Show You Guys How I Did It But Ran Into A Problem. You Can Check My Wallet – Details In The About Section – To See My Current Holding Size 😀 )
29:22 How My $100,000 Monthly Passive Income Project Is Coming Along


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DISCLAIMER: Everything on this youtube channel, Christopher Thong, is not financial advice and is purely meant for entertainment purposes only. Nothing I say, do, or show, should be taken as any sort of investment advice for any asset class, I am not a licensed professional. All investments come with a large amount of risk that may not be suitable for all investors, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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