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Packaging Strategies to Boost Your Marketing

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Packaging Strategies to Boost Your Marketing

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In this video Dr. Catherine Ngahu talks about the importance of packaging in enhancing competitiveness and presents 5 strategic uses of packaging. In today’s competitive markets, its no longer enough to grab eyeballs through attractive packaging. Now businesses needs to go further, and build interactive experiences. Strategic packaging is one way of enhancing your interaction with consumers.

Packaging, is an important part of a brands visual identity which can also provide other sensory cues – such as perception of taste, smell, touch (texture), and sound to help your marketing.

Basically, packaging protects, communicates, promotes, and provides convenience to the consumer. It also serves to reveal something about design, and quality of the product. As Steve Jobs said, “packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”

5 strategic uses of packaging in marketing are discussed in detail in this video, including innovation and story-telling among others with examples.

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