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Part 1- How to use Stripe for Payment Processing – High Level Overview

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Part 1- How to use Stripe for Payment Processing – High Level Overview


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I’m going to talk about something that is quite integral, important and a critical part of running your small business, which is, how to accept payments using Stripe. It will make your work life, business life, home life much easier without stress, without much overwhelm.

If you are starting a new gig, you have an idea. You get excited. You jump into this online bandwagon and all of a sudden, you are faced with all sorts of different setbacks, challenges, roadblocks coming at you from all different angles.

And what I mean by that is, things like, “how to create that captivating website”? or “how to start building your online presence on social media sites”? “How to create your social media ecosystem that gets you noticed, that gets you discovered, that makes you the trusted adviser, trusted consultant for your own target audience?”

So I had heard about this company called “Stripe” I did not really get a chance to wrap my arms around that until now because I was going in all different directions.

So until now, I had relied on accepting, primarily, the checks from business owners. Covid-19 gave me a great opportunity to reset and rethink.

And one of the things I focused on was “how to accept payments through this Stripe”.

So before I get into that, let me talk about “Stripe”! I came to know that Stripe has become what is called as “The Internet Middleman”.

The beauty of “stripe” is that you can set up” recurring payment” where you can create certain “products”! by “products”, I mean, like “website svcs” (business services).

That could be one of your products “search engine optimization” that becomes your another product “social media management” becomes your another product.

So all these products, you can make it … associated with your “recurring payment” which is called “the subscription model”.

So much so that 50% of all internet transactions are processed through “stripe” so I thought “PayPal” had its own place because we readily use PayPal throughout for any transactions, right? but “stripe” has grown immensely into popularity.

They closed their books last year with $35 billion dollars. “b” with boy! $35 billion plus revenues. It has become a “go to system” for small business owners. It was co-founded by 2 brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick Collison.

And that’s gonna make your life quite easier.

I think that’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.

It is not a fancy tool but is extremely simple to use and i’ll highly recommend it.

Thank you for watching. Wishing you continued best in your endeavors.
Here is a easy to find link to Stripe Part 2 video, where I do a deep-dive into inner workings of Stripe:
Part 2 – How to use Stripe for Payment Processing – Step by Step Tutorial

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Part 1- How to use Stripe for Payment Processing – High Level Overview
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