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[Part 3] How to Dominate Less Competitive Geos With Push Traffic

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[Part 3] How to Dominate Less Competitive Geos With Push Traffic

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“The better you can monetise your subscribers, the more you can pay to collect them.”

Find out how you can maximise your push traffic and make the “Niche Advantage” strategy work for your campaigns.

Push ads can boost customer engagement by up to 88%. With old rumours about phasing them out, I think we all know it’s time to embrace them fully as they are only becoming smarter and more popular. Anton Kornev will share how to pick a strategy based on your experience, connections, and goals. OneSignal is the go-to technology for building your own push ads network. And, there’s a variety of strategies available to use with OneSignal to display how it can prove/test out your concept. Once you have your push ad goals, Anton will expand on a number of methods including: the High Volume Method, Add-on/Cooking-Up FB Pixels Method, and Niche Method. If you’re looking to run push ads, this is a must-attend workshop!

Leading the industry as a top digital strategist, Anton Kornev strives to provide users with an unmatched marketing and advertising experience by understanding the consumer’s needs. As the founder of Xesturgy Media, Anton keeps up to speed on the evolution of push ads and the direction they’re headed, proving out his strategy.

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