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Place An Ad Or Boost A Post? | Marketing Tips

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Place An Ad Or Boost A Post? | Marketing Tips

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between boosting a post and placing an ad on Facebook? And which one is better for you?

Facebook offers numerous options for you to advertise your business or brand.

Boosting an ad means that you can apply money to one of the posts on your timeline to increase its reach. You can pick the desired audience it should be shown to. It will appear as an ad on people’s newsfeed.

With the Facebook Ads Manager you have far more control over your ad. Here you can create campaigns with different objectives: such as subscribing to your newsletter, buying from your shop, etc. You can also retarget people who have already bought from you, or visited your website in the past. It’s by far the most complete option on Facebook.

Boosting is usually recommended for those who simply want to increase their reach and don’t really have a decent budget or the necessary marketing knowledge to work with Facebook Ads Manager. It might be convenient to simply put in a little bit of money and see an increase in reach for your post.

But hold on there: we have a better alternative to boosting your ads that doesn’t require a big marketing budget or in-depth knowledge.

This alternative is Nanos 💚

0:30 What it means to boost a post
1:00 Facebook Ads and retargeting
1:30 Here is an example to help understand the difference
2:20 Further advantages Facebook Ads has over boosting
3:30 The Facebook Ads Alternative

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About Nanos:
Nanos is a do-it-yourself digital advertising tool that works with AI to optimize your ads and budget. Our goal is to make online advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram a straightforward process accessible to any business.


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