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Power Apps Navigation Menu Component (2 level menu)

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Power Apps Navigation Menu Component (2 level menu)

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In this video on Power Apps 2 level Navigation Menu Component, we will go through a step-by-step walkthrough of building a responsive PowerApps Navigation Menu Component / Left Navigation component / Menu Bar Component.

PowerApps Menu navigation component can be reused across multiple screens or Apps.

Canvas components make it easier to build reusable controls, such as navigation menus and dialogs.
The ‘master’ / ‘instance’ behavior makes it easy to reuse them as building blocks inside the app or shared between apps.
By creating a component library, app makers easily share and update one or more components with other makers.

Download component: 2

Component Features:
✅ Dynamic 2 level navigation
✅ Change configuration using input properties
✅ Show hide Power Apps Hamburger Menu Component

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Creating a Component Library
01:35 – Create a Navigation Menu Component
03:26 – Create input property for component for Menu Items
05:16 – Configure UI for the Menu component
09:18 – Show or hide Navigation menu on click of Hamburger Icon
10:51 – Create more input properties to configure the Menu colors
13:44 – Test Menu component within the Component Library
15:23 – Set Menu component width dynamically and show hide Menu from screen
23:08 – Add 2 level navigation (multi level) for Menu component
26:53 – Test multi-level navigation menu from Component Library
28:46 – Save and Publish Component Library
29:28 – Add and configure Left Navigation Menu to App with Tablet form factor
32:49 – Add and configure Left Navigation Menu to App with Phone form factor
34:00 – Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel

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