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Pre- Requirements Gathering for your CRM Project

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Pre- Requirements Gathering for your CRM Project

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Unsure of how to prepare for your Pre-Requirements gathering for your CRM Project?

Cloud9 Insight’s CEO, Carlene Jackson, is here to provide everything you will need to discuss with your team prior to your requirements gathering to ensure you get the most out of it.

Start by thinking about the following questions:

What are you trying to achieve with your Customer Relationship Management Solution?
– Consider your project a business transformation project, not just a technology project
– Are existing processes fit for purpose?
– Process reporting and what are you going to measure
– Think about KPIs, are they helping you to achieve your purpose
– Ensure you have the right culture and values in place

How CRM will support your vision and business success?
– CRM must be seen as a journey with many phases which can be defined by a roadmap which is based on capability
– Initially supporting single view of client data
– Better decision made through data insights, reporting and dashboards
– Include automated and streamlined client processes to reduce administrative burden
– Integration with other solutions for collaboration for enhanced customer experience as the system matures
– Customer self service portal may support processes

Other factors include:
– IDENTIFYING KEY ROLES: A key project manager or data manager. Super-users to help with training and implementation
– DEFINING SUCCESS: What scope is there for improvement, when looking at the processes you currently have in place. How will the experience of the customer be enhanced by your CRM.
– KEY PROCESSES: Challenge your current key processes and look at CRM implementation as a way to review these processes and ensure they are fit for purpose. Look to take out processes that don’t add value to your customers.
– REPORTING: Don’t just send out information for the sake of it, but make key data accessible and actionable. Not only manager should have access to insights, but employees at all levels of the business.
– KEY ENTITIES: Identify key pieces of data which will need to be transferred so you can design a data model which will enable interactivity. What is the current master of your data and how cab this be improved.
– TRAINING: Will this be advanced training for some of basic user training for all users.

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