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Preeminence: Being Seen As The Go-To Choice | Big Boost Marketing

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Preeminence: Being Seen As The Go-To Choice | Big Boost Marketing

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https://bigboost.marketing | Have you noticed that your practice marketing is not as efficient and as effective anymore as it used to be?

The other day, I was talking to a prospective client – a health practitioner in Kentucky – and we were reviewing his past efforts to fill his workshops, from “Lunch and Learns” to “Dinner With A Doc”, and now workshops on Saturday mornings. And he shared that it’s harder and harder to get people to show up for these workshops.

It’s harder and harder to get people to even register! I’m not telling you anything new….

In 2019, it’s harder than ever to get the attention of the people that you can serve!

The reason for that there’s a lot more competition in Facebook’s news feed, a lot more practitioners and other people advertising, while at the same time, Facebook’s inventory hasn’t increased. Meaning, there’s more competition for eyeballs and it’s harder to get your audience’s attention.

The other fact is that today’s patient is more skeptical than ever – getting bombarded with more information from a lot more sources, and really doesn’t know who to trust.

So, asking these type of patients to show up for a workshop, for a workshop topic that they may not know anything about, is really creating the perfect storm.

For Big Boost, it’s been essentially the same: Trying to get the attention of health practitioners like you, about a topic that they may not know anything about yet (patient acquisition funnels). It’s been hard to get Facebook ads reliably enroll pratitioners into an Evergreen webinar talking about patient acquisition funnels.

So, what we had to resort to, and what you have to do as well, is becoming preeminent, becoming known as the go-to choice in your market.

You can define the market any way you want: Maybe it’s regional, national or local, 20-30 miles around your practice.

But, you want to be known as the go-to choice for a certain condition, or for certain results that you help your patients accomplish in a certain arena.

You don’t have to play nationally, as long as within a 20-30 mile radius, the patients that you can help most know who you are, and why you are the number one choice in their community… that’s all it takes.

So, we’ve found that being more preeminent, putting more content out there that’s actually helpful, that’s valuable, and relevant to your audience is the name of the game in 2019.

If you want to learn more about how to become the go-to choice in your community, check out on-demand training on how to become the go-to choice in your community. I hope you’ll take me up on that offer because it’s really one of the key things that you need to have in place in 2019 for your practice marketing.

And because of that, we created the Big Boost 360 process – guiding health practitioners through a four-step process of identifying their practice focus, creating the content that positions them as authority, and then nurturing and enrolling their ideal patients with marketing automation.

Me and my team have been creating these types of marketing “funnels” for the Institute for Functional Medicine and many of today’s leaders in the field, but what I am most proud of is our ongoing work with hundreds of integrative health practitioners:
Helping health practitioners become known for their expertise is what we do, helping shape the future of healthcare is who we are.


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