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Pricing Strategies for your SaaS, with Patrick Campbell: SaaS Boss Episode 49

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Pricing Strategies for your SaaS, with Patrick Campbell: SaaS Boss Episode 49

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In 4.0 SaaS Boss mastermind call with an expert, Patrick Campbell, the Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, shared his best insights for adjusting the successful #SaaS #PricingStrategy for 2020:

We covered:

✔️ SaaS pricing models
✔️ The framework for understanding and optimizing your monetization
✔️ Best strategy for increasing the price without annoying customers
✔️ Grandfather vs price hikes for existing clients
✔️ Tips to get your value metrics right
🔥 And Patrick answered a ton of questions from the audience!

Here’s the link to the SaaS Boss community where you can find the full video from yesterday’s call:

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73% of organizations indicated that nearly all their apps will be SaaS by 2021.

The growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) shows no sign of slowing down. For consumers, it can be challenging to understand the many different pricing models. The reason may be that, in this still rather new industry segment, many companies are still trying to understand SaaS pricing models and strategies.

As opposed to traditional software sales, it is not as simple as finding the right per unit price to optimize sales and profits. Instead, there are multiple pricing strategies and, perhaps even more importantly, several guiding strategies behind them.

By choosing the right SaaS pricing model, SaaS vendors can attract new customers and retain them over the long-term. Additionally, alignment in your SaaS marketing strategy and your SaaS pricing models are vital to ensure your sales ready messaging on effective. The price points within that model are also critical and need to be based on effective pricing strategies that can be modified during the lifecycle of the product.

No matter how wonderfully you have built your SaaS product, you can’t sustain it if people aren’t paying enough for using it. Strategic pricing for SaaS products is not only important to retain customers in the long run but also for creating enough profits for your business. Thus, it’s extremely important to understand how to price a SaaS product right. In this article, I explain how to develop a pricing strategy for your SaaS product along with popular SaaS pricing strategies and models to use in 2020.

What are your takeaways from this episode? Comment to let me know!

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