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Quick tip to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI This Year with Mailchimp

by admin
Quick tip to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI This Year with Mailchimp

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You might wonder what holds you back from driving a high email marketing ROI, it could be lack of email personalization.

If your email promotions and discount offers are getting filtered to the spam folder, how many sales are they going to drive?

It’s simple theory that if the mails are not customized and personalized, they are likely to be ignored and the whole email marketing campaign becomes a waste.

So, if you’re using Mailchimp for Email Marketing campaigns.

1. Standard new Campaign

2. You’ll get 4 options i.e. Standard or Regular, A/B testing , Automation and Plain-text

3. Select Plain text option and create email.

Try this with one Email and see the difference. Please leave your comments and review after applying my tips to your campaigns.

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