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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 5 Creative Techniques for 2021

by admin
Real Estate Marketing Ideas:  5 Creative Techniques for 2021

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Today I’m going to give you five real estate marketing ideas that you never thought of.

All right, so I’m back in the studio, my house now and I want to go through these five real estate marketing ideas that you never thought of, I’m just gonna jump right into it here. The first thing, marketing idea for real estate that I want you to start doing right now today is I want you to take your entire email database of all of your clients, all of your past clients, internet leads all the emails that you have. And I want you to create a custom Facebook audience with that with those emails. And what that does is, is it creates an audience that you can name, it can be clients, it can be, you know, whatever you want it to be, and it’s in your Facebook audiences. Now, when you run Facebook ads, you can run ads straight to those clients, right, and your dollars will be going just to those people in their Facebook feeds. Okay, so that’s big, because you know that every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising is going to go straight to people that already know you, or have heard of you, or in your database, getting emails from you, maybe, or whatever the case may be. This is huge, because it builds brand recognition, they see your email, and they see you on Facebook, malice, Shane, you in both places, if they’re not opening up their email, right, but they are looking at Facebook, they’ll see you there. So this is big, I think a lot of you are leaving money on the table with this. Okay, tip number two is to combine your Instagram profile with your Facebook business page. And if you don’t want to do that, create a second Instagram account just for your real estate business. And combine that make it a you know, switch it to a business account and connect it to your Facebook business page. That way, when you’re running those Facebook ads to your custom audience who are already your clients, you can simultaneously run those same ads on Instagram to the same people. I think this is amazing. Because now if someone if one of your clients opens up the emails, great. If they don’t open up the email, and they’re on Facebook, they see you there, if they’re not opening your emails or on Facebook, but they’re on Instagram, they see you there, right. And if they open the emails on Facebook, and on Instagram, they see you everywhere. This is big, because I run Facebook ads connected to the Instagram account every day, I have something running to my clients. And so every day they’re seeing me and it’s not always about real estate, it might be about a good place to eat, it might be about an event in the area, I’ll do another video going deeper with these ideas. But for now just want you to know what these five marketing ideas are. This third marketing idea is something that I’ve used maybe three or four times and it’s given me huge exposure. Okay, I’ll go Facebook Live. And it’ll be a short, maybe one minute live video, maybe a minute and a half at the most. And it’ll be me thanking everyone for their support and love and over the years, and how much I care about everybody, and how now i’m going to give $100 or $50, or maybe two different gift certificates to to really nice restaurants or one really nice restaurant. And all they have to do is comment like and share this post. And so what happens is, is I’m Facebook Live, and I tell everybody how much I care about them. And if they ever need anything in terms of real estate, feel free to reach out, I’ll do everything I can do to help them. And what I want to do for you guys is, is I want to give away this gift card, I’m going to pick a winner in three days or two days or however long you want to make the contest for. And you’re going to say all you have to do is like comment and share this post. Okay, from there, what happens is you can go live from your business page or your or your personal profile. And so either way it goes if you do it from your personal profile, you need to share it to your business page. If you’re doing it on your business page, then you’re good, right, you might want to share it to your profile just so all your friends and family see it as well. But from your business profile, you’re going to boost it, you’re going to boost it to all those clients that are in that that list, right you’re going to boost it there and you’re going to boost it to everybody in your area, the general public. You can target the demographic you want maybe 25 year olds and up and you know whatever the targeting you want to do for your area. Are you but target and run this ad, ie boost this post to your clients, your database, your custom audience that I just talked about, and to the general public in your area, right.

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