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Recession Fears Grow As Markets Collapse 📉 (Part 2)

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Recession Fears Grow As Markets Collapse 📉 (Part 2)


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Stock Market Livestream #248: Stock Market – Weekly Wrap 📈

Welcome to your Weekly Wrap Livestream on the For Investors channel discussing global stock markets including the ASX, S&P500 and the NASDAQ.

We will be live 3 times a week:
– Tuesday 8PM
– Thursday 8PM
– Saturday 10AM

On this For Investors Livestream we will be discussing all of the key themes on the markets including the macroeconomic narrative that ASX investors and global stock market investors are watching.

From the EV revolution and the increased focused on Electric Vehicle battery commodities like Lithium, Graphite, Nickel, Cobalt and Copper or the technological revolution and technology stocks playing on the intersection of new technology like A.I, investigative analytics and SaaS.

This is the place to discuss all the key themes attracting ASX investors and global stock market investors attention with this stock market weekly wrap.

Tune in for your complete overview of all things ASX stocks, the economy and ASX company analysis of all of your favourites including global growth stock discussion on the For Investors channel!

It’s going to be a lot of fun and an interactive discussion so come prepared with some stocks that you’d love us to look at and talk together! It’s your opportunity to ask us questions and come and connect with the community – make sure you tune in for some good vibes! 🎉

We’ll be diving into many of the ASX sectors including the ASX Technology, ASX Lithium, ASX Graphite, ASX EV Battery Materials and ASX Resources sector.

There will be a broader economic discussion about where the global markets head from here in 2022 Week in and out, we discuss the hottest trends on the ASX and on markets around the world – this weekly ASX Livestream will become your go-to hub to talk all things ASX growth stocks and discuss the Australian economy. 📈

The ASX Investor channel is a platform for all investors and traders interested in the ASX to come together and discuss their favourite ASX stocks while learning about exciting new growth stocks with many in the ASX small-cap and ASX mid-cap space.

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