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Remember When Phones Were Walkie Talkies?

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Remember When Phones Were Walkie Talkies?

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You know what’s terrible? Phone calls. They take a lot of time, they meander, they make your ear sweaty … and if you miss one, you have to deal with the only thing worse than a phone call: voicemail! The cure for phone calls was supposed to be messaging – but admit it: that’s also getting kind of terrible.

There used to be something in between these two extremes. It was called Push To Talk. (You remember: it’s that feature you probably hated.) But I miss push-to-talk dearly … Because the whole idea behind it was getting. things. done. Join MrMobile for a look back at walkie-talkie phones, PTT phones, or whatever other name you had for your old Nextel … and stick around to learn how AT&T and others are keeping the push to talk dream alive today!



Shot on location at Spaces Newbury Street, Boston MA. Further information available here:


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