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Review of DC 1500W Boost Converter 10V-60V to 12V-90V module 1.5kW Tested

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Review of DC 1500W Boost Converter 10V-60V to 12V-90V module 1.5kW Tested

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This 1500W DC Boost Converter is fully explained and tested. Tested with all standard voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 26V, 50V, 60V and 90V with all possible input/output voltages and currents. Power of 1.5kW tested. Input output voltage shown. Thermal images used to show the hottest spots. Ripple voltage of the output is also measured.

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Jump to different chapters of this video:
00:00 Start
02:03 Introduction to the 1500W module
06:04 Hardware Explained
10:37 Components Explained
14:40 Setting current limit
15:21 Input/Output Minimum/Maximum
16:36 Test preparation
17:16 Input 60V Tests
31:49 Input 50V Tests
35:50 Input 36V Tests
37:44 Input 24V Tests
39:10 Input 18V Tests
39:53 Input 12V Test
40:37 Charging Battery
43:19 Under-Voltage Protection
47:23 Ripple Voltage measurement
48:19 Conclusion Remarks

Power Supply I use:
DC 30V 60A Power supply: c
DC 60V 30A Power supply: 0

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