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ROLEX REAL vs FAKE: Rolex Submariner vs $600 HIGH END Replica | 116610LN

by admin
ROLEX REAL vs FAKE: Rolex Submariner vs $600 HIGH END Replica | 116610LN

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In this video I am showing you the 7 most important tells to spot a FAKE ROLEX!
I am comparing a real Rolex Submariner 166610LN with a 600$ High end replica.

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Disclaimer: Please do not buy fake watches – when buying such a watch, you are supporting criminal structures and lets be real: Fake watches are for fake people. If you can’t justify spending that much money on a watch there are plenty of other watches and watch brands out there, that offer an amazing quality for less than 600$.

Tell #1: Finishing on the brushed parts
he brushing on a Rolex submariner is extremely fine and when looking at the fake one, you can tell that they definitely tried to emulate that. And to be honest, they actually did a really good job! The polished flanks of the case are well done and the links on the bracelet look good, too. But the main giveaway here is definitely the brushing on the clasp. You can tell thatโ€“ probably โ€“ a machine worked the brushing into the clasp by those thin, straight lines. Compared to the clasp of an authentic Sub, the difference here is definitely visible even without using a magnifying glass.

Tell #2: The crown on the clasp
When looking at the fake sub, you can spot the tiny gap between the crown and the clasp. I guess they were cutting the top part of the clasp from one block and then lasered the crown out of it with tools that were not as precise as they had to be. To be fair, I had to use a little magnifying glass to spot the difference but nonetheless, it is definitely a good way to tell these two apart: If you see any signs of welding on your sub clasp, chances are this sub is not authentic!

Tell #3: The issue with the glidelock
The Glidelock on the authentic watch glides smoothly up and down and is easily adjustable. But now when you compare the glidelock on the fake, the difference here is huge! Sliding the bracelet up and down feels super scratchy and you feel like you are going to ruin the glidelock when doing it! Besides that though, the overall feeling of the clasp on the fake watch is shockingly good but the scratchy glidelock is definitely a dead giveaway!

Tell #4:
On the authentic watch, the hour markers, equipped with superluminova sit on the dial in a bright white color, framed by a thin, white gold border. Even though the hour markers on the fake sub are equally as white and light up in the same blue color when it gets dark, the border is much thicker and likely not made out of solid 18-carat whitegold. Also when holding the two next to each other, you can tell that the thicker silver border also results in sharper looking hour markers overall!

Tell #5: Rehaut engraving
On the authentic watch, the letters on the ring are perfectly aligned with the minute and hour markers on the dial. So now when switching over to the ring on the fake watch, you can see that they definitely tried to place the letters at the correct spot but they were not 100% successful on each letter. Sometimes an L or an R are a bit displaced.

Tell #6: Printing on the date
On a real Sub, the date is displayed on a crips, white disc, with sharp and black numbers printed on it. But when spinning through the dates on the fake sub, you would think they printed the numbers on a Friday afternoon by the look of it: The black color is not as opaque and you can clearly see tiny specks of black paint around the numbers. Especially on the 29th the difference is really outstanding. So even if they did a great job with the cyclop lense and the proportions, the printing is definitely off and a good tell to spot a fake sub!

Tell #7:
The caliber 3135 is known for its accuracy and robustness and winding the watch as well as setting the date feels smooth and satisfying. But screwing out the crown on the fake sub feels like sand is crunching within the gearwheels of the movement! Additionally, when you get to the point were the crown pops out and locks into the position to adjust the date it does not do so with the light little โ€˜clickโ€™ you would expect: It pops out with such a force that, for a second I thought I had wrecked the stem when unscrewing it for the first time!

Tells that the fakers managed to fix on a fake Rolex Submariner 116610LN:
– The little engraved crown on the crystal
– The engraved serial number on the rehaut / chapter ring
– No more rattle sounds when shaking the watch
– Indexes on the bezel are platinized

Thank you so much for watching! I really enjoyed doing this comparison ๐Ÿ™‚
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– Jenni

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