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SaaS Marketing: How Companies Can Achieve Success (Episode 72)

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SaaS Marketing: How Companies Can Achieve Success (Episode 72)

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Akeel Jabber is a technology investment director at HoriZen Capital. The firm invests and acquires Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. However, he began his career in another field: petroleum. He worked as a petroleum engineer in Alberta, Canada, optimizing wells and drilling sites. He leaped into entrepreneurship seven years ago, although his passion for business dates back to his university days. He founded a recruitment firm in college, which provided him his first taste of running a business.

Jabber found his passion in figuring out how to boost his income with passive assets and investments. He dabbled in real estate, which paid off well. Still, he was looking for something more profitable than the real estate industry. He decided to invest in a physical business – a Canadian franchise gym but saw its limitations: scaling up was highly costly.

Then he came across an answer: online businesses. These firms have the same development potential as physical businesses but with significantly lower startup expenses. He learned about online SaaS marketing, SEO, and managing growth on the internet. He joined a firm that was acquiring businesses and eventually became the CEO of a small online company. Jabber then left that firm to establish his own, HoriZen Capital, which specializes in partnering with SaaS businesses. His focus moved from creating income and optimizing returns for those enterprises to promoting entrepreneurship through mentorship and financial resources.

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