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SaaS Offline User Acquisition Marketing Strategy Session | Growth Hacking 101

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SaaS Offline User Acquisition Marketing Strategy Session | Growth Hacking 101


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Over the next year, we will be documenting key discussions and remote team building activities, providing a behind-the-scenes view of the work that goes into building a tech startup from $0 to $100k MRR. Be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in following our journey.

This episode is a marketing strategy session with our digital marketing manager Nikhil and our CTO Roshan Sethia. We are discussing how we can reach our target audience offline adequately and inexpensively. Specifically, we are discussing the possibility of doing cold outreach to contractor associations, incentivizing them promote our solution to their association members, while simultaneously offering free Contractor+ ULTIMATE access as a free perk of belonging to the association. Win/win/win’s usually… well… win!

The second strategy we are discussing is reaching out to trade schools / vocational schools throughout Ohio. Our CEO, Justin Smith and our lead investor Brandon Schlichter from Investment Joy are planning to tag team a few vocational schools to help soon-to-be grads prepare for starting their own business and avoiding common pitfalls new business owners often face. They’ll also be giving the students 6 months or possibly a year of free access to an ultimate account of Contractor+.

These are just two of many strategies we are testing. Testing is the key. Never just launch a marketing strategy and go balls to the wall, petal to the metal bat sh*t crazy on day one. Start it with a small budget and scale scientifically based on the attribution data! The numbers never lie!

That said, it’s important not to spend even $1 on marketing until you have proper attribution tracking in place. Contractor+ is leveraging Analytics, AppsFlyer, Amplitude, Segment, and others – so we know where our traffic is coming from, which traffic sources are converting, which ones can be scaled effectively and which ones should be avoided.

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