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SaaS Platform for Staffing Agencies (Paiger) With Alistair Neal

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SaaS Platform for Staffing Agencies (Paiger) With Alistair Neal


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SaaS Platform for Staffing Agencies With Alistair Neal

Today on The Relevant Recruiter Show, Alistair Neal will be joining me.
Alistair is the founder of Paiger, a SaaS platform for staffing agencies that enables sales teams to identify, research, and nurture clients on social media.

After 7 years as Global Alliance Director at Broadbeach Technology, left to co-found Paiger as he saw an opportunity to disrupt the recruitment industry.

Alistair is going to share his journey and also share how Paiger can help you grow your recruiting business.

I have seen under the hood of Paiger already and let me tell you that this tool has a lot of firepower and I haven’t seen anything out there like it.
If growing your social media presence for you and your team is a priority and you don’t want to spend hours a day on it, then you will definitely want to listen to this one.

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How would you like to hit consistent $50k months in your recruiting/search business?

Now before I get into how you do it.

Let me tell you what you can’t do…

❌Work on every open role thrown your way
❌Have the success of your business be determined by you and your teams “Hustle”
❌Hire before systems are in place
❌Do it alone

All of this may have gotten you to where you are today but it won’t take your recruiting business to the next level.

If you want to hit consistent $50k months then your focus should be on:
😀Attracting clients to your business…not chase job orders
😀Implement automation systems so you can leverage you and your team’s time.
😀Stand out to candidates so you can capture their attention in this ultra-competitive market.
😀Outsourcing your low-level tasks so you can stay in your zone of genius.

The good news is that I created a brand new training – 4 Steps Recruiting Agencies Are Taking to Get More Job Orders and Qualified Candidates…Without Relying on LinkedIn Recruiter

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